DocuSign Integration Overview [Beta]

This is currently a beta feature, if you would like to opt in please reach out to our support team via using this form.

With the Drive Connect DocuSign Integration, users can generate and send DocuSign envelopes through the Drive Links and Drive Files component. Through this integration users will be able to combine Salesforce, Google Drive and DocusSgn for more efficient document signing.

How it works

Send with DocuSign

The Drive Links component supports sending multiple files within a DocuSign envelope. Files can be accessed from various different locations when adding a file through the send with DocuSign integration. These are the locations:

  • Linked Google files
  • Salesforce Files that are attached to the record but not the Drive Links component
  • Drive Links folders that are attached to the record
  • Content Folders which are setup by the administrator
  • Files from Google Drive

Send with DocuSign can be initiated from these two places on the Drive Links component:

  • New button
  • Dropdown options on a linked file.
  • Dropdown options when previewing a file in Salesforce

It can also be initiated from the following place on the Drive Files component:

  • Dropdown option once file is set

When initiating a DocuSign Send from a linked file’s dropdown options, the files list will be pre-populated with the selected linked file. You can attach a maximum of 10 files per envelope.

Note: The file size limit for a single email is 25 MB total, regardless of the number of files. There is also a character limit of 100 for the Subject field and 1000 for the Message field.

Various recipients can be added to the envelope each of which can have either of the following two actions:

  • Needs to Sign
  • Receives a Copy

A signing order can be toggled on that allows the sender to determine an order of signing for the list of recipients which will require the first recipients to complete the action before the following recipients receive a notice to take action. Once the sender is ready, they can go on to the next process which will open an iframe with DocuSign and they can then add tags to the documents.


The (1) Drive Links and Drive Files components allows users to select Drive files to include as DocuSign envelope attachments. Once the user initiates sending the envelope to DocuSign, the (2) Drive Connect Service exports and saves the (3) names and binary data to DocuSign. The Drive Links component then uses Apex to send the envelope information to DocuSign with the Salesforce files attached, then from DocuSign’s end tags can be added to files and the envelope can send emails out to the recipients for signing..

Note: Once an envelope is sent to DocuSign a task record link will be created on the record the envelope was sent from. This will only occur for objects in Salesforce that allow for task creation. 

For assistance on how to enable the DocuSign integration please read the following: Enabling the DocuSign Integration [Beta]