Creating a Demo Org with a Trialforce ID

As a system integrator or a Salesforce SE you can easily spin up a Salesforce org with Drive Connect pre-installed and demo data ready-to-go. All you need is access to an org with Salesforce Environment Hub and Drive Connect's Trialforce ID. Everything you need to get started is outlined below:

Creating an Org with a Trialforce ID

  1. Log into your org with Environment Hub (for system integrators this is typically your partner business org, also known as PBO)
  2. Select the App icon on the top left side of your org
  3. Search for Environment Hub
  4. Select the Environment Hub tab
  5. Select Create Org
  6. On the Create Org modal select the following:
    1. Purpose: Test/Demo
    2. Create Using: Trialforce Template ID
    3. Trialforce Template ID: 0TT5f00000Ec6Nq (3.21)
  7. Once you have filled in the remaining fields with your desired information, click Create
  8. After a period of time you will receive an email to open the created org and create a password

Note: There is a 12 month expiration date for the created org. In order to get an extension on the org a support case will need to be opened with Salesforce

Below is a video representation of the above steps for the Trialforce Template ID, be sure to use the Trialforce ID listed above and not the one in the video.