File Send Overview

With the Drive LinksĀ component, users can send files from Google Drive and Salesforce through email from the currently viewed Salesforce record.

How it works

File Send

The Drive Links component supports sending multiple files as email attachments. These files can be one of these three types:

  • Linked Google files
  • Google files selected from the Google Picker
  • Files in Salesforce that are attached to the current record

File Send can be initiated from these two places on the Drive Links component:

  • New button
  • Dropdown options on a linked file.

When initiating a File Send from a linked file’s dropdown options, the Files list will be pre-populated with the selected linked file. You can attach a maximum of 10 files per email.

Note: The file size limit for a single email is 25 MB total, regardless of the number of files. There is also a character limit of 70 for the Subject field.


The (1) Drive Links component allows users to select Drive files to include as email attachments. Once the user initiates sending an email, the (2) Drive Connect Service exports and saves the (3) names and binary data to Salesforce. The Drive Links component then uses Apex to send an email with the Salesforce files attached.