Add a Current User field

Template builders can add merge fields that reference fields on a user record, rather than objects related to customer associated records.

Using Current User fields enables template builders to create documentation that pulls a current user's name, role, title and/or other information into a document. This is important when that document needs that information to change depending on the user merging the document rather than utilizing static information or relying on users to input their own information manually.

Adding current moment/user context

  1. Navigate to the Drive Connect application in Salesforce
  2. Select the Template Builder tab
    1. If this tab isn’t available, follow these steps
  3. Create a new template or select a template and edit it
  4. In the merge field generator, select the Type drop down and select Global Variables
  5. In the Global Variables drop down, select Current User
  6. In the Field dropdown select the desired field(s) you wish to add to your merge template
  7. Once you have made your selection copy and paste it into the appropriate section of your merge template