Setup & Configure Drive Connect Automation

In order to use Drive Connect Automation, an admin must first configure automation in Drive Connect setup.

Note: This article will assume the steps outlined in the Drive Connect installation and configuration guide have already been completed.

Workspace Marketplace App

The configuration process includes the installation of the Drive Connect Marketplace app in your Google Workspace. This app exists solely to simplify configuration by establishing a Google service account, which Drive Connect uses to perform tasks on your company’s behalf.

Click here to learn more about how Drive Connect uses Google service accounts.

Note: In the interest of security, Drive Connect intentionally utilizes one of the most restrictive Google Drive API scopes (as recommended by Google):

With this scope, Drive Connect’s access is limited to files created or opened using the app. File authorization is granted on a per-user basis and is revoked when the user deauthorizes Drive Connect.

Granting Drive Connect access using the Marketplace app

To install the Marketplace app through Drive Connect, use the steps below:

  1. Navigate to the Drive Connect app in Salesforce
  2. Select the Setup tab
  3. Click Preferences
  4. Select the Automation tab in Preferences
  5. Click Install to redirect you to the app’s Marketplace page
    Install Marketplace app

Granting Drive Connect access manually

Alternatively, an admin can optionally use the following steps below if they want to set up the Google service account without the Marketplace app using the steps below:

  1. Navigate to the Manage Domain Wide Delegation section of your Google Admin console.
  2. Click Add new
  3. Enter 114519586367889402029 for the Client ID
  4. Enter for the OAuth Scope
  5. Click Authorize

Setting the Automated Process User

Automation features require you to specify a user within your Workspace that all automated processes will use to perform operations with.

Note: Choose a user that has edit access to your entire Drive for an optimal experience. Each file or folder created using automation will be owned by this user.

  1. From the Drive Connect Setup tab, select Preferences
  2. Select the Automation tab in Preferences
  3. In the Automated Process User Email Address section, enter the Google Drive email address
    Automated Process User
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