Managing Google Account Access to Drive Connect

Drive Connect allows you to manage which google accounts and workspace domains can be used to sign into the app.

When you first install Drive Connect and sign in during setup, your account is automatically added to a list of allowed accounts.  If you sign in with an account that belongs to a Google Workspace, that domain is also added to the list allowing everyone from your domain to sign into Drive Connect. If the account you sign in with initially does not belong to a Workspace domain, the list of allowed accounts will be disabled by default and anyone with a Google account will be able to sign into Drive Connect.

Note: For document generation, a Google user will still need the proper access to the Drive Connect Templates folder in Google Drive regardless of if they are allowed to log in. For more about folder access, see Granting Access to Folders in Drive.

Managing Google Account Access

Google account access can be managed in the Preferences section of Setup. You can toggle the list of allowed accounts and domains on or off to allow all Google accounts or restrict it to the accounts and domains in the list. To manage Google Account access:

  • Go to the Drive Connect app
  • Navigate to the Setup tab
  • Select Preferences
  • In the Google Accounts section, click the Enable Allowlist toggle to enable or disable the list
  • To add an entry to the list, click Add Entry
    • Select a Type, either Workspace Domain or Email Address
    • Enter the domain or email address you want to allow as the Value
    • Click Add
  • To delete an entry, click the trash icon next to the entry then click Delete
    • You will not be allowed to delete an entry if it is the only entry that matches your currently signed in user because it would essentially lock you out of the app