Add conditional logic

Template builders can create more complex merge templates with the addition of Conditional Logic.

Conditional Logic allows you to use one or more fields and operators to create blocks of text that can be hidden and unhidden depending on whether the parent record meets the criteria. This could allow you to make contracts and documentation fit clients where different legal language may need to apply depending on the record a user is working with.

Note: More than one criteria can be used to create conditional logic statements.

  1. Navigate to the Drive Connect application in Salesforce
  2. Select the Template Builder tab
  3. Create a new template or select a template and edit it
  4. On the merge field generator tab, click the Type drop down and select Functions
  5. In the Function dropdown, select Conditional Logic; this will bring up the criteria section
  6. In the Field dropdown, select the field you are comparing data against
  7. In the Operator dropdown, select an operator
  8. In the Value field, enter a value
  9. Copy and paste the conditional logic statement into the body of the document
  10. Add any conditional text or merge fields into the designated area