Drive Connect Trial Period


When installing Drive Connect for the first time users will be given a trial period, with no credit card required, in which they will be able to fully utilize all of Drive Connects features for 14 days. Users will be notified of their remaining trial status on banners in the Drive Connect Template Builder and Setup tabs

as well as on the both the Drive File and Drive Links components

If the user does not purchase licenses for Drive Connect and the trial period ends the following will occur:

  • Links that were created will remain active but new ones can no longer be created
  • Doc Gen Templates can still be accessed and can continue to be authored but end users will not be able to generate documents from them
  • All Drive Connect automations will no longer run

Users will be notified of their expired trial period on banners in the Drive Connect Template Builder and Setup tabs

as well as both the Drive File and Drive Links Components

To regain full access to Drive Connect features, users will need to select either the Buy Now link or follow the steps here: Purchasing Drive Connect