Generate Google Docs from templates on a Salesforce record

Users can generate Google Docs, Google Slides and Google Sheets that leverage existing Salesforce data using merge templates with the Document Generation feature.

By automating the process of inserting Salesforce data into a Google Doc, Google Slide and Google Sheet the Document Generation feature eliminates mistakes caused by miskeying data or copying and pasting incorrect information. It allows you to create accurate and robust documentation in a matter of moments.

Note: Generating a document merges current Salesforce data into a predefined template, creates a ContenDocumentLink, a Drive Link, and saves the generated file to your Google Drive.

Generating a Google Doc from an existing merge template

  1. Access the record where you want to generate a file
  2. Navigate to the Drive Links component
  3. Select New
  4. Select File from Template
  5. Select one or more template(s) in the template picker
  6. Optional: Set whether the generated file(s) should be linked to the Salesforce record
  7. Select a destination option from the dropdown
    • When selecting the Select existing folder… option, click the pencil icon to open the picker and select the destination folder
    • When selecting the Create new folder… option, enter the name of the folder and click the pencil icon to open the picker and select the parent folder
  8. Optional: If you’ve selected an existing folder from the picker or created a new folder, uncheck Link destination folder to this record checkbox if you don’t want the folder also linked to the record
  9. Click Merge; once the file or files are merged, you will receive a success message and the Drive Links will be available in the component