Generate Google Docs from templates on a Salesforce record

Users can generate Google Docs that leverage existing Salesforce data using merge templates with the Document Generation feature.

By automating the process of inserting Salesforce data into a Google Doc, the Document Generation feature eliminates mistakes caused by miskeying data or copying and pasting incorrect information. It allows you to create accurate and robust documentation in a matter of moments.

Note: Generating a document merges current Salesforce data into a predefined template, creates a ContenDocumentLink, a Drive Link, and saves the generated file to your Google Drive.

Generating a Google Doc from an existing merge template

  1. Access the record where you want to generate a file
  2. Navigate to the Drive Links component
  3. Select New
  4. Select File from Template
  5. Select one or more template(s) in the template picker
    • Google Docs, Google Slides and Google Sheets are supported for merge
      • Drive Connect’s merge capability for Google Sheets is limited to merging data into a sheet’s name using our “Generated Name” field.
    • If no templates exist, ensure you add a merge template as well as publish a merge template.
  6. Optional: Set whether the generated file(s) should be linked to the Salesforce record
  7. Select a destination option from the dropdown
    • When selecting the Select existing folder… option, click the pencil icon to open the picker and select the destination folder
    • When selecting the Create new folder… option, enter the name of the folder and click the pencil icon to open the picker and select the parent folder
  8. Optional: If you’ve selected an existing folder from the picker or created a new folder, uncheck Link destination folder to this record checkbox if you don’t want the folder also linked to the record
  9. Click Merge; once the file or files are merged, you will receive a success message and the Drive Links will be available in the component