Rename a Google Drive file or folder from a Salesforce record

With Drive Connect, you can rename files and folders linked to a Salesforce record from the Drive Links component. Renaming a file/folder from the component will sync the name to the file/folder in Google Drive. Alternatively, if a file/folder is renamed from the native Google UI, the information will update and sync to the component.

This feature is useful if your file or folder is named incorrectly and you need it updated without having to unlink and relink it to the component.

Note: If a user does not have edit access to the file/folder, they will not be able to rename the file/folder from the Drive Links component

  1. Access the Salesforce record that is associated with the Google Drive file/folder you wish to update
  2. Locate the desired file linked to the component
  3. Click the button menu dropdown next to the file/folder
  4. Select Rename File/Folder. This will open up the Rename modal
    Rename file
  5. Rename your file/folder using the Name field
  6. Click Rename
    Rename modal