Drive Connect File Upload

Drive Connect gives users the ability to upload files directly into Google Drive from the Drive Links component in Salesforce.

Upload a file into Google Drive

  1. Navigate to a Salesforce record page
  2. Click New on the Drive Links component
  3. Select File Upload
  4. From the Google picker, click Select files from your device and select files from your local machine or drag files onto the draggable area window
  5. Click Upload
  6. Optional: Rename the file(s) and check/uncheck Link file to record checkbox
  7. Select a destination option from the dropdown
    • When selecting the Select existing folder… option, click the pencil icon to open the picker and select the destination folder
    • When selecting the Create new folder… option, enter the name of the folder and click the pencil icon to open the picker and select the parent folder
  8. Optional: If you’ve selected an existing folder from the picker or created a new folder, check/uncheck Link destination folder to record checkbox if you don’t want the folder also linked to the record
  9. Click Finish

Note: When initially uploading files from the Google picker, the files will first be placed in My Drive. Once a destination is selected, the files will move to that destination seamlessly in the background. If cancelling out of the upload flow, files will be moved to the trash.