Drive Links component sync capabilities

With Drive Connect, your file and folder links in Salesforce will reflect the latest changes from Google Drive through automatic syncing. The Drive Links component provides the following basic syncing capabilities related to file and folder names and their state of deletion:

  • Once the Drive Links component loads, a check for mismatched names between the Salesforce Content Document Link and the Google Drive file/folder is performed for each link. If there are discrepancies, Drive Connect will update the names in Salesforce accordingly.
  • Once the Drive Links component loads, each link is tested to ensure the file or folder it links to in Google Drive has not been moved to the trash or permanently deleted. If it has, Drive Connect will automatically unlink it from the record.

Note: These checks are not performed on the Salesforce mobile app and when the component is in a ‘readonly’ mode (e.g., when added to an Experience Cloud site using the Drive Connect Pro Extension package).