Reducing your Drive Connect User Licenses

You can reduce the number of user licenses your Drive Connect subscription has from within the app by following these steps:

In Salesforce go to the Drive Connect app under the App Launcher.

App Launcher


Click on the first step called Licensing & Permissions under the setup tab.


Before reducing your plans number of user licenses please remove the Drive Connect Licenses from the users that will no longer be using the licenses. Once that is completed on the right hand side you will see a manage plan button, please drill into it.

You will then be taken to the Stripe user portal, in which you will see 2 buttons: Update quantity and Cancel plan. Please select Update quantity.

You will then be taken to a page where you can reduce the number of licenses for your current plan with the ‘-‘ button (reduce).  When you have completed reducing the number of licenses for your plan, please hit the confirm button.

Once this is completed you will be taken back to the Stripe user portal in which you will see the reduced number of licenses reflected in your plan. If you are unable to see the Billing & Payments section you may be on a custom plan or if you are unable to reduce the number of licenses. then please contact Drive Connect Support.