Add a Date of Merge function field

Template builders can add merge fields that reference date and date/time to merge templates.

By adding date and date/time merge fields to a merge template, template builders can ensure that date sensitive documentation always contains the correct date to avoid customer service and/or legal disputes down the road.

Adding current moment/user context

  1. Navigate to the Drive Connect application in Salesforce
  2. Select the Template Builder tab
  3. Create a new template or select a template and edit it
  4. In the merge field generator, select the Type drop down and select Functions
  5. In the Function drop down, select Date of Merge
  6. In the Day Offset field, enter a value greater than or equal to zero
  7. In the Date Format dropdown, select the format that best fits your use case
  8. Once you have formatted your date or date/time merge field, copy and paste it into the appropriate section of your merge template