File Linking Overview

With the Drive Links component, users can link existing Google files or folders to specific records all from within Salesforce. Once linked, the component will maintain basic syncing capabilities related to file and folder names and their state of deletion. Alternatively, users have the ability to view and rename files/folders without ever leaving Salesforce.Diagram-Linking(1)

How it works

File Linking

Drive Connect’s Drive Links component supports selecting existing Drive files and folders using the native Google picker and saving them as links on native Salesforce Content Version records.


The Drive Links component allows users to link their Drive files & folders to Salesforce records (1) using the Google Picker. Upon selecting a file or folder (2) their name and URL are saved back to Salesforce as a Content Version record.


In Salesforce, the user’s access to a file or folder name & link is controlled via standard Salesforce permissions. If a user clicks a file or folder link, Google Drive manages access via their standard permissions model.


To get started, first set up the Drive Links Lightning Component to add them to your page layouts.