Add a bulleted or numbered related list

Template builders can add related lists formatted into nested bulleted or numbered lists to their merge templates.

Nested bulleted and numbered lists allow template builders to create merge templates that contain information from objects related to the parent record and format that information in a repeating list. Examples of related lists are case information include, but are not limited to, cases, opportunities, campaign information.

Add a bulleted or numbered list to a merge template

  1. Navigate to the Drive Connect application in Salesforce
  2. Select the Template Builder tab
    • If this tab isn’t available, follow these steps
  3. Create a new template or select a template and edit it
  4. On the merge field generator tab, click the drop down and select [Record] Fields & Related Objects
  5. In the second drop down, select a related object
  6. From here, in the third drop down you can select one or more fields or another related object as needed
  7. Once you have made your selection(s) copy and paste it into the body of your document
  8. From here, you can configure your fields in a way that enables bulleted lists

Bulleted list example:

  • {{!Account.r.Cases.Subject}} – {{!Account.r.Cases.Contact.FirstName}} {{!Account.r.Cases.Contact.LastName}}
    • {{!Account.r.Cases.r.CaseComments.CommentBody}}

Expected result when previewing/merging:

  • Can't Log Into Portal – Geoff Minor
    • cx emailed advising that they cannot log into the portal
    • Password reset sent. Log in successful.

Note: The results shown were truncated for convenience.