Link Google Drive files to a Salesforce record

Using Drive Connect, users can link files stored in Google Drive to specific records in Salesforce using the Drive Links component.

This will allow members of your organization to view, edit, and collaborate on pertinent documentation without ever having to leave Salesforce and making your business process more efficient.

Note: The sharing options modal will only be shown on Google Drive files that do not already have sharing options of any kind set at the time you create the file link.

  1. Navigate to the record to where you want to connect a Google Drive file
  2. Select New
  3. Select File Link
  4. Select the desired file(s) in the Google File Picker
  5. Click Select
    • If your file(s) has no sharing options set, you will be prompted to share it or keep private
  6. After making your file sharing selection the previously selected file(s) will be available in the Drive Links Lightning component