Updating your credit card information

You can update your credit card information in the Drive Connect app by following these steps:

In Salesforce go to the Drive Connect app under the App Launcher.

App Launcher

Click on the first step called License & Permissions under the setup tab.


Click the Manage Plan button and on the next screen you will see at the button of the page a Payment Method section which contains the last 4 digits of your currently tied credit card as well as a button to cancel your subscription.

App Launcher

Under the Payment Method section you will see a pencil next to your credit card. Click it to edit your card information.

Manage Plan

Once you have reviewed and updated your credit card information you can hit save to be taken back to the Payment Method section.

Edit Card Card

You will now see that your updated credit card information is updated under Payment Methods. You do not need to update your plan for the changes to go through.

Updated Credit Card