File Upload Overview

With the Drive LinksĀ component, users can upload local files directly into Google Drive all from within Salesforce. Once linked, the component will maintain basic syncing capabilities related to file and folder names and their state of deletion. Alternatively, users have the ability to view and rename files/folders without ever leaving Salesforce.

How it works

File Upload

The Drive Links component supports uploading multiple files to Google Drive from within Salesforce. The Drive Links component provides an option for uploading files by dragging and dropping files into the modal. Another option is to upload files from a local machine. The final step of the upload process allows you to rename the selected files as well as choose the upload location. Salesforce files that are uploaded have the capability to be deleted on upload, through preferences. The file links are saved as native Salesforce Content Version records.


For additional information about supported uploaded file types please read the article on saving a linked Google Drive File to Salesforce.