Increasing Document Generation File Size Limit

With Document Generation, users can build templates with Drive Connect's Template Builder and generate those templates leveraging merged Salesforce data into Google Docs, Google Slides and Google Sheets.

However, because of Salesforce limitations, users can only merge documents whose contents don't exceed the Salesforce Apex heap limits of 12 MB for asynchronous transactions. However, to solve for this limitation, admins can opt to enable Drive Connect's Off Platform Processing feature, which supports merging of documents on Google Cloud versus Salesforce. To enable this feature, go to Setup -> Preferences -> Document Generation -> Off Platform Processing)

How it works

With Drive Connect's standard merge function, a new document is generated on the Salesforce platform in Apex and saved to Google Drive. However, in this standard mode, Drive Connect is bound by Salesforce heap size limitations when performing a transaction in Apex. By enabling Off Platform Processing, the process is changed so that the required merge data is passed to a  Drive Connect service running on a Google Cloud instance where the document is generated (and not bound by Salesforce's heap size limits) and then saved to Google Drive.