Automate generating Google Docs from templates

Drive Connect Automation allows users to automatically generate a Drive Connect template and link it to the Drive Links component by selecting the New File from Template operation in a Record-Triggered flow.

Before using this operation, ensure to first create a Record-Triggered Flow using the Automate Drive action. For more information on setting up a Record-Triggered Flow, see the Using Drive Connect Automation with Record-Triggered Flows article.

New File from Template

In your flow, open a new action element node and follow the steps below:

  1. Click the Operation picklist and select New File from Template
  2. Under Template, click Select a Template

  3. Select a template file from your Drive Connect templates folder within the Google picker
    Select a template from picker
  4. Select a Destination for the template to be created in Drive. For more information on destination locations, see the Automate Drive Destination Locations article.
  5. Select a Generated File Format of the file type Google Doc, Microsoft Word (.docx) and PDF Document (.pdf) that will generate the file on automation to the selected type.

Note: If you receive a warning regarding insufficient access for the Automated Process User, ensure the folder location you select is accessible by the Automated Process User with full edit rights. For more information, please see the Granting Access to Folders in Drive article.

    • Optionally set whether the new file should be linked to the Salesforce record

For more information on saving and activating your flow, see the Using Drive Connect Automation with Record-Triggered Flows article.