Add a merge field to the Generated Name

Template builders can add merge fields to the Generated Name field when creating or editing a merge template.

Adding merge fields to your Generated Name field will enable generated documents to have names that include Salesforce data. This can help you identify documents that have been generated when viewing them outside of Salesforce should the need arise.

Add a merge field to the generated name field

  1. Navigate to the Drive Connect application in Salesforce
  2. Select the Template Builder tab
  3. Create a new template or select a template and edit it
  4. On the merge field generator tab, click the drop down and select [Record] Fields & Related Objects
  5. In the second drop down, select a field, lookup, or a related object
    • Related objects will be located lower than the record field selections on the list. Select the lookup or related object and continue to drill down until you find the field that you are looking for
  6. Once you have made your selection copy and paste it into the generated name field of the template editor