Template folder structure

Template Builder organizes your root template folder by creating a draft templates folder and a published templates folder for every template object you add.

Subfolders within the designated published folders can be used to categorize templates for users when they merge documents. When a user chooses the File From Template option on the Drive Links component, the picker will open to the designated published folder for that object. The user can navigate through any subfolders that user has access to in Drive to select the template they wish to use to generate a document.

Note: Publishing and unpublishing templates should be done through Template Builder. Moving templates between Published and Draft folders may cause data discrepancies.

Organizing templates within the Object Published Templates folder

  • Make sure the templates you wish to organize are in the Published Templates folder by editing them in Template Builder and setting their status to Published
  • Go to Drive and create subfolders within an object’s Published Templates folder
    • You may optionally set any permissions for the subfolders to determine which Drive users have access to templates within that folder when generating documents from the Drive Links component
  • Move published templates into your subfolders to organize them for users that need to generate documents